A Single Step Process  for Recycling

The most efficient way to recycle

Using chemistry and thermodynamics, CO2AL has developed a system that is 100% efficient in recycling organic matter.

Tires and Plastics

Green House Gases

Turn your CO2 stream into net income.  Turn any industrial facility into a zero emission plant.  The process can handle CO2, SOx, NOx and VOC's while generating excess energy.  No waste output, everything has a market.
Power the new hydrogen ecenomy with tires and plastics.  Generate high purity H2 and graphite with this single step process.

Coal Gasification

Electronics and More

Dial in the short chain hydrocarbon desired or produce high purity H2 and graphite, your choice.  And no ammonia, CO or CO2.  Recover the rare earth elements. At less than 1/3 the CapEx of current gasification technologies.
Crush your phone or computer and get Hydrogen and carbon, but also get all the rare earth metals.  And no acids used

Green Energy

Our most exciting discovery to date is the ability to recycle tires and any and plastics to +99.95% purity hydrogen and +99.5% purity synthetic graphite.

The process is patented for recycling Green House Gases and the gasification of Coal to Hydrogen. The process is patent pending for the recycling Plastics and tires as well as munition and other organic compunds.

Current State

CO2ALis in a capital raise phase to build a development machine when put into full production will generate $32 Million in revenue at 80% GP recycling 100,000 pounds of tires a day