A Single Step Process  for Recycling


CO2AL is based on the failures of others.  Ron Presswood and Ian Bishop researched using molten metal to chemically and/or thermodynamically break the bonds of different compounds.  Others had tried using different metals, but no one had tried using the combination of metals they envisioned.  After initially being dismissed by Dr Meen at UH, he called backed a couple weeks later and asked for the 2 to come to his office.  After spending a couple hours on his white board going over the chemical and thermodynamic reactions, he was convinced the process would work.  That was the beginning of calculating, testing and reviewing and the beginning of CO2AL.  That was 10 years ago.  Since then, 2 patents have been issued with a third patent in application currently.  It is possible to apply for 2-4 more patents for the machine design and additional uses for the technology.

The basis for the machine design is a smelter, this technology has been around since the late 1800’s.  The machine used for this process is modified to allow for the introduction of a liquid, solid or gas, the addition of raw material and the removal of the secondary materials that are created during the process.  These secondary materials are removed at various spots, the less dense materials, like alumina, are skimmed off the surface and the off gassed materials are captured, elemental materials are captured in cyclonic collectors, and the gases are compressed for offsite transportation.  Heavy metals are tapped off the bottom of the process.  In many instances of feedstock treatment, the process is exothermic and will actually need to become a cogen unit.  In discussions with machine manufacturers, the construction of the process we need is nothing out of the ordinary and is actually a combination of a couple different smelting technologies.

Patent Summary

US Patent 8,628,741  - Off Gas Treatment Using a Metal Reactant Alloy Composition

US Patent 9216905 – Gasification or Liquefaction of Coal Using a Metal Reactant Alloy Composition 

US Patent Application filed 5/15/15 - Method to Recycle Plastics, Electronics, Munitions or Propellants using a Metal Reactant Alloy Composition